How did Totes from Tatters begin?

In 2010 my son was looking for a way to raise money for the Meningitis Research Foundation as part of a school project. It was around the time that the Welsh Government announced that carrier bags would be charged for in supermarkets, so after some thought I came up with the idea of making shopping totes to sell using “preloved “ fabrics, this way, we would be providing a much needed service, and recycling at the same time and ultimately donating money to charity.

After 4 years of making bags and many other funky and unusual items my son had left school and moved on to University where other fundraising activities took priority. I had enjoyed so much the excitement of creating bags form all kinds of fabrics, which I still had plenty of, that I decided to continue producing my bespoke and unique creations. 

I have made bags form a wide range of fabrics, from leather settees and coats, bath mats, jackets, skirts, trousers, table runners, table mats, cushion covers and bed spreads, in fact just about any fabric that I can sew I will have a go. I never know exactly how it will turn out until the very end, so every bag is unique. I like a challenge.


I have even been asked and am open to turning a favourite coat, dress or sentimental item into a bag in order to bring new life into an otherwise unwanted item. I have received several donations of vintage fabrics which I can incorporate into my creations.

 WHO IS Totes from Tatters?

The creator is Victoria Troughton a lovely, kind and creative lady who can look at those old jeans, tattered curtains or even forgotten carpet and turn them into your next fashionable statement piece!

I'm fabric crazy, I admit it.  I can't stop buying fabric, people are always handing me a bag of unwanted items that I gladly accept, I think I have enough fabric to keep me in sewing projects for a very long time.  Having said that, I am quite selective.  I definitely know what I like and what will work for my bags. 



Whenever I visit a fabric shop, I look for a remnant bin.  Why pay full price when you don't have to?  To be honest, they are usually full of odd fabric that, nobody wants. However, occasionally, I find the most fabulous fabric remnant, that is perfect for my work. 

On a night out with my friends, I may get handed a bag full of jeans or buttons.That's when I do the fabric happy dance! I try to hold myself together until I at least get home.  If you dance around a restaurant or pub you get odd looks from people.  I do find it hard to contain my triumphant glee though and my friends will vouch for this.