Environmentally Friendly

Go Green -     With all that we throw away every day, it is time to start re-using.  


I Make bags out of unwanted fabrics and old clothing which is a great way to reduce our carbon footprint.  Why use new materials, when there are perfectly good, unique, and interesting materials being thrown out every day?  My bags tell stories from the past, of the paths the materials have taken on their way to becoming bags.  

Carry a bag like this and you send a statement: 



"of environmental conscientiousness and of individualism".

Each bag is handmade and one of a kind. Sweatshirts and T shirts, once forgotten and found in the back of the wardrobe, favourite jeans that have no knees, old broken handbags that have seen better days ... these are some of the things I use, and with the help of my trusty machine...become 

“Totes from Tatters”

Buying a bag from Totes from Tatters helps to recycle unwanted items, in turn, helping the environment.  Charities also benefit, as much of the fabric is sourced direct from charity shops. 


From a Ladies winter wool checked coat

To an owl cross body bag and a useful tote bag incorporating the pockets from the coat.